Weeds Season 5 Episode 2 / Watch Weeds Machetes Up Top Online

WEEDS (season 5)

Watch a sneak peek of Weeds Season 5 Episode 2 "Machetes Up Top" airing Monday June 15 2009 at 10PM ET/PT.

Episode Synopsis: WEEDS "Machetes Up Top" (Season 5 Episode 2) - Nancy gets an ominous message from Guillermo and must visit him in prison without Esteban knowing. Elsewhere, Celia finds she has value in organizing supplies at the rebel camp while Andy takes Shane to stay with Nancy's estranged sister Jill. Out in the national forest, Silas and Doug discover that growing pot on federal land will be harder than they'd first imagined.

Weeds Season 5 Episode 2 “Machetes Up To” – Synopsis

Nancy pay a visit to Guillermo in prison without telling anyone, Celia finds out a talent for sorting out supplies at rebel camp. Shane decides to visit Nancy’s estranged sister; For Silas and Doug pot-growing plot is very difficult at National forest.

You need not miss out on this fun-filled show – just watch Weeds Season 5 Episode 2 “Machetes Up Top” Full episode online Available in HD Format also.

It’s time for Weeds Season 5 Episode 2! The much looked-for episode of Weeds will be airing on Monday, June 15, 2009 entitled with “Machetes UP Top”. In this wonderful episode you will see that Nancy will clandestinely meets Guillermo in Jail. Last episode of Weeds we saw that Nancy found console in a unsure family member and here in Weeds Season 5 Episode 2 Shane walks to live with Nancy’s sister Jill Price-Gray starring by Jennifer Jason Leigh (Fast Times at Ridgemont High / Road to Perdition). In the meanwhile, Celia makes herself useful in their rebel camp; Silas and Doug second-guess their option of pot-growing plot at national forest. This not enough right? If you are fan of weeds then Weeds Season 5 Episode 2 is a must-watch episode!





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nick said...

Weeds is an amazing show. I really like the plot of the show and never miss any episode of this series.

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Me and my family Watch Weeds Episodes very interestingly. We enjoy this show very much. I must appreciate the storyline which is amazing.

rdwyerx7 said...

I simply love Weeds episodes and the sole reason is Nancy Botwin and the way she moves ahead in her life. At present season 7 is running on television. Soon Weeds Episodes will be coming to end for current season.