How Netflix Pays For Movie and TV Show Licensing

While other streaming services implement a combination of member subscriptions and the sale of advertising space to outside companies, Netflix stands out from the crowd in its approach toward generating revenue. The company does not offer advertising space to marketers, nor does it offer differently priced tiers of content to subscribers. Rather, each Netflix customer pays a set monthly fee that allows access to exclusive and non-exclusive TV shows and movies for which the company has purchased licensing from the content owners. Fees collected from subscribers, coupled with the raising of capital through new debt issues, allow Netflix to purchase new and renew old licensing agreements for the content the company delivers to its users.
Here is an overview of Netflix's financials. 

Content Licensing

To keep subscribers satisfied with the number of choices available for streaming online, Netflix is constantly negotiating new licensing deals with TV shows, networks, and filmmakers. Licensing in the realm of online streaming content is defined as the process of obtaining permission from the owner of a TV show or movie to stream its content through a service such as Netflix. A licensing agreement is established under the terms of a legally binding contract between the content owners and Netflix, and each agreement varies based on the needs of the content owner and Netflix.
For instance, the owner of a TV show could agree to allow Netflix to stream all seasons of that show in full through its online platform for one, three or five years. The licensing agreement can be renegotiated after the set time period ends, or Netflix could drop the show from its library if viewer interest is not high enough to warrant the cost. A content owner may offer a similar deal on the same TV show to a competing streaming service, such as Hulu or Amazon Prime Instant Video, making the licensing agreement between each company and the owner nonexclusive. Licensing agreements that are not exclusive to a single streaming platform are less expensive to obtain.
As competition continues to saturate the streaming television and movie marketplace, content owners and streaming services recognize the importance of exclusive content to viewers. Under an exclusive licensing agreement, content is only available through a single streaming service such as Netflix for a set period or into perpetuity. Exclusive licensing agreements are far more expensive for Netflix than non-exclusive agreements, but they have the potential to bring in a greater number of subscribers over time.

Warehouse 13″ Premiere Runs Long

I really wanted to love Warehouse 13. It's a fun show with two compelling leads, an adventurous spirit, and just enough subversive stuff seemingly bubbling beneath its surface. But the two-hour pilot, airing tonight on SyFy, only hints at the greatness we've seen from its creator's previous work. The premiere, scripted by Jane Espenson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and original writer Rockne S. O'Bannon (Farscape), begins with a strong quirky heartbeat, but a stale mystery plot quickly slows the pulse.

The show centers on two Secret Service agents who are polar opposites of each other. They're chosen to find, bag, and tag supernatural artifacts for storage in a secret government-run warehouse. Agent Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) is the impulsive one who always goes with his gut. Agent Gering (Joanne Kelly) is the cautious profiler. The agents, who normally butt heads in the field, are forced to work together because, we're told, one fills the other's professional and personality gaps. It's a buddy cop show with some delightfully weird supernatural stuff and a bit of screwball comedy tossed into the mix.


Jackson's Last Will -- Diana Ross Mentioned

Michael Jackson's will has been filed with the court. Jackson asks that his mother, Katherine, be made the guardian of all three of his kids. The will says if Katherine died before him or couldn't serve as guardian, he nominated Diana Ross.

And there's a petition filed along with the will, saying Jackson's estate is worth more than $500,000,000. The petition says almost all of the estate "consists of non-cash, non-liquid assets, including primarily an interest in a catalog of music royalty rights which is currently being administered by Sony/ATV, and interests in various entities."

Jackson's Last Will -- Diana Ross Mentioned |

Michael Jackson's Funeral Arrangements and Death - Last Will & Testament

Michael Jackson's Will

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Farrah Fawcett tributes planned for ABC, NBC, TV Land

'Charlie's Angel' Farrah Fawcett dies at 62

A winsome smile, tousled hair and unfettered sensuality were Farrah Fawcett's trademarks as a sex symbol and 1970s TV star in "Charlie's Angels." But as her life drew to a close, she captivated the public in a far different way: as a cancer patient who fought for, then surrendered, her treasured privacy to document her struggle with the disease and inspire others.

Fawcett, 62, died Thursday morning at St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica, nearly three years after being diagnosed with anal cancer. Ryan O'Neal, the longtime companion who returned to her side when she became ill, was with her.

"After a long and brave battle with cancer, our beloved Farrah has passed away," O'Neal said. "Although this is an extremely difficult time for her family and friends, we take comfort in the beautiful times that we shared with Farrah over the years and the knowledge that her life brought joy to so many people around the world."

In the end, Fawcett sought to offer more than that, re-emerging in the spotlight with a new gravitas.

Her struggle is the dominant narrative of the film rather than a reckoning, an understanding that all things, including her life, must pass.

Farrah FawcettIn one sense, she is trying redefine her illness. Credited as an executive producer of the program, Fawcett hopes to subvert the tabloid coverage that has invaded her life since her illness took hold. When she suffered a relapse in 2007, staffers at the UCLA Medical Center leaked the news to the National Enquirer even before Fawcett could tell her family. By opening her private struggle to the public, she deprives the tabloids of exclusive coverage.

Fawcett believes that her forms of cancer, and by association all forms, should be curable. Given the necessary funds and a bureaucratic openness to alternative treatments, cancer will surely be cured. That belief helps support her denial of death.

She travels to Germany to receive care under a doctor named Professor Vogel, who compares her cancer to a terrorist “filled with hate and powerful enough to destroy all that’s good and healthy.” Despite the vivid depictions of painful treatment (long needles and invasive lasers, nausea and, of course, hair loss), both Fawcett and her caregivers seem to think in metaphor. To Fawcett, for example, the tabloids are a type of cancer as well.

Several networks have announced plans today to pay tribute to the late Farrah Fawcett, who died today after a prolonged battle with cancer:

* Dateline NBC will air "Farrah Fawcett: The Life and Death of an Angel" tonight from 10-11 p.m. ET, followed by a special rebroadcast of Farrah's Story from 9-11 p.m. tomorrow. The two-hour documentary about Fawcett's fight with cancer -- which was shot with Fawcett's own video camera -- attracted nearly 9 million viewers when it first aired on NBC on May 15. The special will air again on Oxygen at 3:30 p.m. on June 27.

* Tonight, ABC's 20/20 will air Barbara Walters' special report on Fawcett. The hour-long show will feature interviews with her longtime companion, Ryan O’Neal, fellow Charlie’s Angels star Jaclyn Smith, her close friend Alana Stewart, and Dr. Lawrence Piro, who had been treating Fawcett for cancer. The special, which airs on ABC at 10 p.m. ET, will also feature clips from Walters’ past interviews with the actress and pop culture icon.

* TV Land will pay tribute to the actress this Saturday by airing the first two episodes of the 2005 TV Land original series, Chasing Farrah, from 9-10 p.m. ET.

* The BIO Channel will air "BIO Remembers: Farrah Fawcett" at 10 p.m. ET, June 29.

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Weeds Season 5 Episode 2 / Watch Weeds Machetes Up Top Online

WEEDS (season 5)

Watch a sneak peek of Weeds Season 5 Episode 2 "Machetes Up Top" airing Monday June 15 2009 at 10PM ET/PT.

Episode Synopsis: WEEDS "Machetes Up Top" (Season 5 Episode 2) - Nancy gets an ominous message from Guillermo and must visit him in prison without Esteban knowing. Elsewhere, Celia finds she has value in organizing supplies at the rebel camp while Andy takes Shane to stay with Nancy's estranged sister Jill. Out in the national forest, Silas and Doug discover that growing pot on federal land will be harder than they'd first imagined.

Weeds Season 5 Episode 2 “Machetes Up To” – Synopsis

Nancy pay a visit to Guillermo in prison without telling anyone, Celia finds out a talent for sorting out supplies at rebel camp. Shane decides to visit Nancy’s estranged sister; For Silas and Doug pot-growing plot is very difficult at National forest.

You need not miss out on this fun-filled show – just watch Weeds Season 5 Episode 2 “Machetes Up Top” Full episode online Available in HD Format also.

It’s time for Weeds Season 5 Episode 2! The much looked-for episode of Weeds will be airing on Monday, June 15, 2009 entitled with “Machetes UP Top”. In this wonderful episode you will see that Nancy will clandestinely meets Guillermo in Jail. Last episode of Weeds we saw that Nancy found console in a unsure family member and here in Weeds Season 5 Episode 2 Shane walks to live with Nancy’s sister Jill Price-Gray starring by Jennifer Jason Leigh (Fast Times at Ridgemont High / Road to Perdition). In the meanwhile, Celia makes herself useful in their rebel camp; Silas and Doug second-guess their option of pot-growing plot at national forest. This not enough right? If you are fan of weeds then Weeds Season 5 Episode 2 is a must-watch episode!